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Marty Kristian founder member of the 1970’s pop group The New Seekers

Marty Kristian, born of Latvian parents, emigrated to Australia with his widowed mother at the age of four.

He studied architecture at Melbourne University in the 60’s but dropped out to pursue a singing career in Australia. This eventually led him to work his passage to England on The ‘Fair Star‘ as an entertainer. Coincidentally following in the footsteps of ‘The Seekers’, who also worked their passage on the sister ship ‘The Fair Sky’.   

He became a founder member of The New Seekers –  a vocal harmony group who enjoyed enormous worldwide success in the early 70’s. Their biggest hit was ‘I’d like to Teach the World to Sing in Perfect Harmony’ which reached number 1 across the globe selling in excess of 7.5 million copies.

The New Seekers. Marty is second from left

The New Seekers appeared in front of Her Majesty the queen at The Royal Command Performance. They Represented the U.K. and came second, by a narrow margin in the Eurovision song contest in 1972 with the hit ‘Beg Steal Or Borrow’. They were regulars on Top Of the Pops and performed on  all the variety shows of the day including the legendary Morecambe & Wise Christmas special. They toured all over the world, lived in America for a time and for their sins even sang at President Nixon’s inauguration. They  had  Numerous no  1 and top 10 hits including I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing, Never Ending song Of Love, Beg Steal Or Borrow’ Circles’ Look What They’ve Done To My Song Ma,’ ‘I get A Little Sentimental Over You’, ‘You Won’t Find Another Fool Like Me’ to name a few.

Marty’s show biz career spans more than 4 decades during  which time he has encountered  numerous show biz, political and Royal personalities and has amassed a veritable arsenal of insights , humorous anecdotes  and  stories about his encounters which he relates on his various engagements as a cruise and after dinner speaker.

His interests are many and varied and he continues to express himself in the creative arts composing, writing, painting and sculpture.

This website has been created to display some of his artistic endeavors and give an insight to the creative possibilities we can all explore.

The Puss Who Lost His Purr

Marty’s latest book is an illustrated poem involving Moxie the cat, Mouse his butler and Goldie his pet goldfish. Published in April 2020 and available to buy now.

My Art

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Music Albums Available

The World of Walt ‘n’ Matilda

Walt and Matilda are two koalas whose adventures are initially set in the outback of Australia but eventually lead them to discover the world at large.

Marty Kristian is the author and illustrator and his first book is entitled: The Adventures of Walt ‘n Matilda and the Black Stump.

He intends this to be the first of a series of stories featuring Walt and Matilda and their friends.

Timing Video

New Album “Timing”

Released 1st October 2020. Now available to pre-order. Includes the #1 country hit “Bring the Curtain Down”

Includes the #1 Country Song ‘Bring the Curtain Down’ with Arlene
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