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Dubai Airport

Siting in a cafe in Dubai airport waiting for a connecting flight to Capetown. Met some interesting speakers who are also joining the cruise and young man called Adam who is a classical guitarist on his second cruise.

Brian with Dish Dash

I remember when the the reformed New Seekers performed in Dubai in the 80’s. We were performing at a venue organised by one of Dubai’s Royal Family, some of whom were sitting in the front row. Towards the end of our performance Brian Engel motioned to me and said he had a problem with his guitar and had to go off stage. Three minutes later after the girls had finished performing a duet, an Arab wandered on to the stage and sidled up to the microphone. I did a double take – This was no Arab – it was Brian dressed in Arab regalia complete with dish dash, sandals, and sunglasses. He looked from left to right and said..”Which way to Harrods? – I cringed … suddenly there were gales of laughter. Brian motioned everyone to be quiet and continued “I’ve got nothing against the Arabs” (I couldn’t believe what I was hearing) “In fact I’m saving up to be one” – The place erupted into cheers and laughter by the ex pats and the members of the Royal Family.

Fortunately no one was offended and Prince Tiab actually gave Brian a gold lighter on his birthday a few days later. Life with Brian was fun but never predictable.

Prince Tiab in the middle surrounded by members of the group, Carol and Tiab’s minder

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