I invite you to explore this site and hope that it will provide entertainment, inspiration amusement and insights into the creative process.

We are all on a journey of discovery and I hope my attempts at creativity will inspire and motivate you into trying something completely different from your everyday activities.

It’s a cop out and easy to say “I can’t do this” or “I could never do that”. We’ve all been guilty of those comments, but you may be surprised at what you can do if give it a go.

New hobbies, new interests , new research are all at our fingertips with the internet. All you need is to motivate yourself and explore – THEN DO IT.

We are all part of this global community with individual skills which make each of us unique. I’ve never forgotten the words of wisdom from my old mate Peter Doyle in our days with “The New Seekers”. I was in awe of his vocal talent and was reluctant to sing any leads in his presence. Our producer asked me to sing a lead on a particular song to which I declined and said “Peter could do it better than me”. During a break in our recording session Peter walked up to me and said “Mate, you should do this. The sound of your voice and phrasing suits this song better than mine – your sound and style is unique so don’t put yourself down”. These words from a Mega talent made me realise that we are all unique and that our individual contribution however large or small is of great significance and our special mark. It’s your indelible stamp, our contribution to the planet. So with that in mind let’s all make it brighter and lighter.

These days I continue to write music and songs and my creative endeavors also stretch to drawing, painting and sculpture. I’m also interested in Philosophy and what makes the world tick.

Love and Light

Marty Kristian

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