Cruising & Talks

Over the past decade I’ve been fortunate to be doing cruise talks for various shipping lines and this has expanded to after dinner lectures, Ladies Luncheon Clubs and talks at various Women’s Institute meetings.

My talks to date are mainly centered on my time before, during and after the New Seekers and feature my remembrances of interesting events and funny anecdotes. I also bring a guitar along and supplement the talks with a little music. The talks feature video clips and stills with a power point presentation.

The talks cover a wide spectrum of events including my early remembrances of my love for music, High school days and my time as a singer in Australia before joining the New Seekers.

I talk about my time with the “Definitive Group” i.e the line up that featured Eve Graham, Lyn Paul, Peter Doyle, Paul Layton and myself and the various lineups before and after.

For the cruise ships I do a maximum of 4 X 45 minute talks and about an hour for the after dinner events. Although I’ve never considered myself as a natural speaker somehow over the years I’ve squeezed into the mold and enjoy the experience.

Currently the four Cruise talks are under the following headings

1/ Following the Seekers / or ” I’d Like to Teach The World To Sing”

2/ In Perfect Harmony or was it

3/New Seekers New Horizons

4/ 60’s & 70’s Stars

The after dinner lectures are largely an amalgamation of the above.

For after dinner lectures I use an agent called Jennie Storr (Speakers Agency) and her contact numbers are 01522522620 and 07809063175.

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