Pete’s Recording Studio

Just finished a fun recording session with Pete Lennon in his water side Studio. It really is a slice of paradise and a great place to relax between sessions.

Peter & Marty enjoying a joke together during a recording session in Pete’s Studio

Pete and I have done a bit of song writing together and some of the tracks are featured on “Saints & Sinners ” album and on “Passing Parade“.

Peter is a great guitarist and you can hear some of his tasteful licks on “Somewhere along the road” (First track on Passing Parade album ) and his arrangement of “Better Than Ice cream“.

I find doing a collaboration and writing with other people can work in different ways depending on the individual I write with.

Peter usually has a chord sequence as structure already in mind as in “Better than ice cream”, which he will send me as an MP3 to see if I can come up with a melody and lyrics. I then have a play with the track – sometimes edit a section or replace something so that the melody and lyrics fit. We toss it back and forth a few times , finally agree on the track, put on some finishing touches and mix.

With “Somewhere along the road“, I had already written the song and done a rough demo. Peter revamped it, played some of the instruments including his great guitar solo (which you will hear in the taster below), knocked it into shape and the track was done. We have written several songs together and are currently finishing our latest . Below are snippets of the two songs mentioned above.

Better Than Ice Cream

Somewhere Along The Road

Peter & Marty in Pete’s Studio on recent session.

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