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The Demo Recordings of Marty Kristian

Song List

  1. I Know it’s Love
  2.  Love on Your Mind
  3.  A Woman Grows
  4. Woman We’ve Got to Change
  5.  Say the Word
  6.  Here I am Again
  7. It Won’t be the Same
  8.  Calling Out to Me
  9. Reason to Stay
  10. Open Heart
  11. Suburban Paradise
  12. No Matter Where You Go
  13. Touch of Love
  14. Still in Love With You
  15.  Just Another Lesson

All songs written by Marty Kristian except 2 and 13 written by Marty Kristian and Trevor Spenser, 5 written bt Marty Kristian and Mick Flinn, 7 and  14 written by Marty Kristian and Peter Doyle and 10 written by Oliver Kristian.

Sample Tracks

Here I am Again

I Know It’s Love

Just Another Lesson

Say the Word


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