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CD Contents:Heart Let It Go SampleHeart Let It Go Sample
1. Somewhere Along the Road
2. Heart let it Go
3. Karma Game
4. Bet your Life
5. Too Much
6. Ice Cream
7. Right Time Right Place
8. Rock me Baby
9. Missing You Already
10. Loaded Ticket
11. Would it Still be the Same
12. Passing Parade
All songs written by Marty Kristian except (1) Marty Kristian & Peter Lennon, (4) Marty Kristian & Glenn Money and (6) Marty Kristian & Peter Lennon.
Since having launched Walt ‘n Matilda as a children’s book I’ve been asked if I had time to write and record songs and if so was there an album in the offing. – Music has been a major part of my life and where possible I have always found time to put some musical and lyrical ideas, often as basic demos.
So I hope you enjoy this latest offering of recent songs I have written. The title of the album is “Passing Parade” and the song and several others were prompted by reflecting on the world and the ever changing events and realizing that we’ve got to make the most of our experiences but not be tied to the past.
“Too Much” was inspired by Amy Winehouse and her excesses, – “Loaded Ticket” is my protest against drug abuse, having witnessed various colleagues and friends descend down that slippery slope. “Rock me Baby” was inspired by the birth of my first Grandchild – my Granddaughter called Liberty.
My thanks also go out to Peter Lennon for the fun we had doing the tongue in cheek song “Ice Cream” and his great guitar playing – and Glenn Money for his contribution and collaboration on “Bet your life”.

Better Than Ice Cream Sample

Heart Let It Go Sample

Rock Me Baby Sample

Loaded Ticket Sample

Passing Parade Sample

Too Much Sample

Somewhere Along The Road Sample


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Passing Parade