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South Africa Cruise

As of Wednesday morning I will be flying to Capetown to join the “Boudicca” operated by Fred Olson where I am scheduled to do a series of four talks during the cruise along the South African coast to the Seychelles via Madagascar.

On arrival in Capetown we spent two eventful days exploring the town, harbor area and Table mountain.

Impressive metal sculptures in the harbor area
Cape Town Harbour – “Feeding The Eagle“
View of Cape Town from Table Mountain
Cable Car decent from Table Mountain

From Capetown we sailed along the South African coast and anchored in Port Elizabeth. We were lucky enough to go on Safari on two occasions. Err… had an in breath and a close encounter with a Rhino. Luckily it all ended up o.k.

Worrying sign when a Rhino’s ears start to twitch as he has you in his sight
Yes… a close encounter

We were lucky enough to see a host of animals including the usual suspects – Elephants, Rhinos, Giraffes, Hyenas, Wildebeest, Springbok, Water buffalo, etc. Only saw lions in the distance.

Elephants at a drinking hole
Zebra & Giraffes
What A Cute Face

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