The Puss Who Lost His Purr

The story and the subsequent book was inspired by my cat called Muksie (Pronunciation similar to ‘look’-sie ) – who sadly has now passed on to the “Purrie Gates” where he welcomes the new arrivals… but. I digress.

I’ve always loved animals and since my early days in Australia, as far back as I can remember, we always had cats.

Muksie in his prime although blind in one eye

Muksie or Moxie, as I’ve called him in this book because it causes less confusion, was a ginger Tom with the loudest purr you ever heard. 

Sadly he had an accident which caused him to lose sight in one eye and during his convalescent period his purr ceased. 

However one day we were delighted when he came into the kitchen purring his head off asking for his tasty chunks. Yes – the purr was back louder than ever.

From that day, till he passed away, he would come up to my meditation room in the morning, sit on the mat in front of me purring loudly while I chanted my  Om’s.

One day, not long after his journey to the Purry Gates, I woke up, sat bolt upright and started scribbling this poem which seemed to just roll off the pen. 

It was finished in 15 minutes so I’m sure Muksie must’ve been guiding my hand.

The illustrations followed quite quickly and the draft was finished  a few years ago.

It is with grateful thanks to Antonia (my web designer) who encouraged me and compiled the format, that has enabled Muksie’s story to be hopefully revealed to a wider audience…. and not just to my family.  

I’m delighted with the result and I’m sure you’ll agree she’s done a wonderful job.

It’s a Coffee Table Book for all ages – Cost £9. + Post and Package

Enjoy ‘The Puss Who Lost His Purr’.

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