Timing Album

For those of you that are following my career you will know that I have written all kinds of songs from ballads to rock ‘n’ roll. More recently, with my involvement in writing material for Arlene I’ve veered more to the country rock type sounds.

Country music covers a wide spectrum which includes traditional folk, Hillbilly, Cajun and country rock crossover which fuses traditional country sounds with a harder edge.

The thing I like about country music is that the great songs incorporate a good tune coupled with an interesting story line with a twist.

I’ve tried to infuse the ‘TIMING’ album with some of these elements.

The words and music to the title track came very quickly and I suppose it’s a bit of a reflection of my life.

Timing will be available to buy from this website 1st October

Track Tasters

Somewhere Along the Road
First Up the Mountain
Band Played On
Southern Country Pride
Say the Word
Just Another Lesson
Bring the Curtain Down
Cell Block Number 9
Bitcoin Day
In the Mood for Love
Shake Me
Roll On
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