Timing Album Lyrics

So Close

When you walked in the room, it’s all I could do

To stop myself throwing my arms around you

They are celebrating, all I could do was smile

As he strolled past with him, I thought your leg brush my thigh

You turned and smiled at your friends while I just died inside

You’ve moved on so why can’t I

As he turned to walk on, I felt you touch my hand

Something ain’t ringing true, I just don’t understand

Thought I meant nothing to you, don’t know how I’m going to see this through.

You didn’t have to bring in here tonight

I didn’t need to see him by your side

Are you playing games with my heart?

Then you whispered my name… A heart attack

I felt the good times and memories come flooding back

only you can do this to me

I’m so close to heaven it hurts to be standing here so close yet so far away

I am so close to making a fool of myself

Yes I am so close to giving it all away

My body’s shaking, my heart is aching

My head is telling me boy just walk away

If I’d have stayed at home I’d have been alright

But how was I to know you’d be here tonight

Wish that I could just disappear

i’m so close to heaven it hurts to be standing here so close yet so so far away

I’m so close to making a fool of myself yes

I’m so close to asking you to stay with me

with me, With me.

BAND PLAYED ON – Marty Kristian & Glenn Monie

I strolled into the bar and unpacked my guitar

Stood there in black to wild applause

I’d done this 100 times like a big country star

But this time my heart fell through the floor

She dropped a bombshell as I stepped up to the mike

Whispered I’m leaving you, you’re on your own tonight

The band played on while I just stood there alone

Hiding my tears behind the big microphone

How did it end like this, I guess it serves me right

I can’t remember, but the band played on all night


The crowd went wild as she milked the applause

I said that’s all there is, but they are hollered out for more

I just couldn’t wait for our special soul to end

Then she turned the knife real slow and sang it all again.

What a bombshell to hit me with that night

I knew her bark was loud but now I felt the bite

No, no , no I can’t sing this song no more

Gonna walk off the stage and sneak out through the stage door

No, no, no but the crowd keep yelling for more

I was on the run while the band played on

The band just kept playing on

But I was gone


They stripped my pay packet down

to the bone

Then you cut me loose, called in my loan

They call you Banker man, but that’s being polite

Are you sleeping easy in your bed tonight

You lied and you stole, got a lot to answer for

You’ve stirred up a hornets nest, who want to even up the score

Bled the country dry, took us all for a ride

Now all we’ve got left is southern country pride.


Stand up stand up and be counted

Stand, we’re all united

We’ve got the right to blow them skyhigh

Rebel with a cause and a southern country pride yea

Stand, lead the Rebel yell

Stand, let em rot in hell

They’re blood sucking leeches

And I’m running out of superlatives to describe how I feel.

They siphoned our pensions without thought or shame

Money is your God, Power’s the game

It’s just another day, a billion dollars in hand

Take a bow banker man

The day of reckoning is drawing near

Let me spell it out loud all clear

We’ve had enough of your fat cat ways

The gravy ride’s over, yes its is judgement day


Lies, They just keep feeding us

Lies, I ate about to lie down and take it

There’s Gotta be a way to make them pay for all the hurt that they’ve caused

Let’s start by changing the law

we need to share them country pride

We ain’t about to lie down and take it

We’ve got a stand tall

Come on, let’s give it to them

Country, country pride

That’s what we need

Hey, they ain’t going get away with this

Oh no.


Holding you with wonder,

Growing ever fonder

Of your innocent face

Your innocent eyes

But you are knowing smile, came as a surprise

Wondering, what’s in store now

Hoping, you can show them all how

Life can be better, when we come together


With love straight from the heart,

Straight from the soul treating the world

As our mother, love her

That’s what we’re here for.

And I’m hoping i’ll be here son

To see you grow, grow into someone

With are kindly face, A man of grace

Who can show the world, make a stand

Teach the world, make them understand


They may laugh and defile you

Sneer and decry you

But you come through

With love straight from the heart

Straight from the soul, teaching the world that we are all part of one family

You’ve got to show them

With love straight from the heart

Straight from the soul Teaching the world that we’re family, Brothers, sisters

Turn the whole world over, over with your love

Repeat to fade

SHAKE ME – Marty Kristian

There’s a popular conception we’re heading for a recession

A breakdown in society

But the big man trumps it all, telling us it’s false news

A media conspiracy

I can see the protests, hear the mother’s crying

A hopeless, jobless homeless misery

But he says it’s all great, we’ve got to celebrate this big booming economy


Rock and roll, bless my soul

Rock and shake me out of my tree

Rock and roll take control

And save me from this hypocrisy

They’re pulling down the statues

Yeah it’s all making big news

This burnin’, lootin’ shootin’ insanity

We wanna make big changes

Tell a different story

Erase and rewrite history

I can feel the pain it’s caused

We should be ashamed of course

But you can’t change what’s gone down before

By all means bring the changes in

Make sure that it don’t happen again

And in time love will even up the score

Chorus … So the deaf can hear and the blind can see


Chorus… and show me what the future will be

Chorus… i’m shedding tears of sympathy

Rock ‘n Roll , let it roll

When it’s all said and done

Let’s hope it ends in harmony.


You won the race you were first up the mountain

Left everybody with egg on their face

It’s all about the glory of winning

Who cares who got the second place

You grab the spoils like you’ve earned them forever

Hail the King as they all drool

Everybody bow down to the winner

He’s a cool operator who just can’t lose

You grin and face the crowd as they cheer you

But you want more ‘cos that’s your due

There’s no place in your life

No second-best, it’s all about you

Hold on to the crown while you’ve got it

Hold on don’t let it slide

You can’t show them you’re only human inside

You won the race, first up the mountain

Nobody holds a candle to you

So what’s in store for the man of the moment

When you get bored and there’s nothing to prove

Is this really what life’s all about

Don’t it seem a little hollow to you

Ever question that life might not always be about you

You started out with a burning ambition

To make sure that everybody loves you

Turned out to be a war of attrition

The great pretenders’ got nothin’ on you

With your big house, big car

Bigmouth superstar

Flashyour cash, smoking Cuban cigars

You make a big noise for a big shot

Big dick, though some may contradict you

You’ve lost the race, can’t climb the mountain

Time to face the angel inside

Sun shines on the first up the mountain

The last place got nowhere to hide

Was it worth the sacrifice

Tell me if you had your time again

Would you still choose this ride

First at the Mountain

Would you still be the first up the mountain

COPY WRITER – Marty Kristian

She’s a hot copywriter for a cool magazine

Worked her way to the top now she’s a tabloid queen

Served her apprenticeship got married to the boss

Yeah she’s got what she wants, she don’t give a toss


Copy writer, from the gutter

She’s a mean mother dishing dirt

That’s her bread-and-butter

She don’t care what she writes

It could be a pack of lies

Just as long as it sells its alright

All night, the pack’s on the prowl

Gotta get the story any old how

Going through your trashcan

Make your life hell

Offer big bucks for a kiss and tell. Yea

Tap a phone, tap a text paparazzi do the rest

Close in on a hot shot,

Photoshop what they ain’t got

Oh my God, nothin’s sacred yes you guessed

Its all done in the name of public interest


All night, the packs on the prowl

Gotta get the story any old how

It’s got to be salacious to make the public bye

No one gives a dam if it’s true or a lie

Murder, rape and incest

Always hot off the press

Economy’s of some interest

But it’s sex that sells the best


She is a law onto herself

Loves hot gossip

She’s a cold hearted cruel bitch

Queen of the tabloid press

The copy writer – writer

CHORUS – to end.


Somethin’ here don’t feel right

You’ve turned my head tonight

But I can’t say that it’s not the first time

I am coming along for the ride

Taking it all in my stride

But I’m holding back ‘cos there’s something on my mind

You’ve come with a reputation

As a heartbreakin’ cheatin’ doll

I ain’t levelling no accusation

Just want stay in control

I think I just fell in love with you

Baby tell me that you feel it too

Mm mm dim the light

I’m in the mood for love tonight

I just wanna close my eyes and fall into you mm baby

Hey, why don’t we just run away tonight

We can find out if it’s wrong or right

Nothing ventured nothing gained

We’re just dreaming

But I don’t need this complication

So tell me it’s a lie

Just a dirty accusation by a jealous lover denied

‘Cos you’ve come with a reputation

As a heartbreaking cheating doll

I just need an explanation

Before I lose control

i’m falling for you girl

I think I just fell in love with you

Baby tell me if you feel it too

Mm mm feels so right

I’m in the mood for love tonight

Mm mm feels so right

I’m in the mood for love tonight

I’m in the mood for that tonight

Mmmm oh yea mm mm

I just wanna make love to you



Roll on Mississippi steam boat ride

I’ve gotta get back to where I left my heart behind

Roll on take me back to Caroline

‘Cos since I’ve been gone

It’s been a long, long lonely time

When papa got a job up north everybody was glad

And mamma told us all to pack everything we had

We’re going to move out, leave the Mason Dixon line

But as we pulled away I knew I’d left my heart behind.



Well daddy sold up everything and I wished my Southern Bell goodbye

But as we pulled away I could see the tears in her eyes

She said – hold on, Please don’t leave me behind

And everytime I think about her

Drives me out of my mind



Telling you, since I’ve been gone it’s been a long long lonely time

But now I’ve made it back, back in the arms of Caroline

CELL BLOCK NUMBER 9 – Marty Kristian & Michael Louvieris

I’m writing this for you babe

It’s all that keeps me sane

Banged up here inside, doing time

Living with the shame

The only thing that saves me

Is clinging to this dream

The dream I dream each night

That you love still burns as bright

As the day they sent me down.

I can deal with all the grief, all the pain

They dish out in this pen

I can deal with anyone, any dude that puts on me, but you drive me insane

The hardest thing is not knowing

It’s killing me each day

I am just marking time, walking the line

In cell block number nine

I know, I know things can change

And babe I wouldn’t blame you

But tell me, tell me

If there is someone else then please cut me free

I sit alone and pray,

I wait day after day

But you never ever call

I’ve heard nothing at all

Since they put me away.

I can deal with all the grief

All the pain they dish out in this pen

I can deal with anything, everything

As long as you love love me

I sit alone and pray

I’m dying every day

Yes I’m just marking time, walking the line

In cell block number nine

Just marking time walking the line

In cell block number nine

Yes marking time

In cell block number nine

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