Walt ‘n’ Matilda – The Australian Tragedy’

I was very moved by  the devastation caused by the recent unprecedented bushfires in Australia, so much so that I decided to use my characters Walt and Matilda in a plaintive video to highlight the suffering and raise awareness of the ongoing ecological plight of the endangered wildlife  in Australia.


The Australian Koala Foundation  (A scientific ecological organisation) has for years been campaigning for  the implementation of the ‘Koala Protection Act’. 

 Sadly successive Australian governments have only paid lip service to the proposals and continually sidelined  the Legislation which would enshrine the act,  in favour of big business interests.

I was thrilled with Deborah Tabart (founder of the foundation complimented me on the video and said she would like to use it in AKF children’s school seminars.

I feel very strong about the ecology issues in the world and I hope this little video Is a positive contribution to raising awareness for this and other eco tragedies.

If you haven’t seen the video please take a look and if you feel it worthwhile share it with your friends and contacts.

I rewrote and adapted the ‘Australian anthem’ Waltzing Matilda for the video and below are the lyrics.

Lyrics to: ‘Walt’ n Matilda The Australian  Tragedy’

Walt and Matilda, Waltand Matilda

What’s happened to your home and country

 No more Blue Mountains

No green trees by the billabong

Just grey ash and black stumps 

Is all I can see.

Where’s our treehouse, what’s happened to my billy cart?

Where’s Joey, Streak and Lofty and all of our friends?

What’s gonna become of us?

..  Don’t worry Walt, i’m sure they’re going to sort it out somehow, just you wait and see.

With Walt and Matilda, Walt and Matilda

They’ve got to work out a new strategy

The world’s got to change,

Change it’s view on ecology

So come along join Matilda and me.

Walt and Matilda, Walt and Matilda

Come join the Walt and Matilda army.

Don’t let this tragedy, turn into apathy

Come on with Walt and Matilda and me.

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